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Introducing Fibre-Tech™ Technology, designed to offer superior structural stability while maintaining a comfortable surface for a luxurious and refreshing spa experience.

Industry First – Hard Water Treatment System

2015 SPA_E-catalog-13The system generates an electro-magnetic field that agitates calcium and other minerals in the water causing them to create suspended crystals.

The suspended crystals of hard water elements are retained in the filter cartridge leaving soft water in the spa.

Saltwater Purification System

saltwater+hardwaterThe saltwater system utilises an electrolytic cell to split salt molecules into natural chlorine providing sanitised water without adding concentrated chlorine or harsh chemicals.

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PureSpa™ provides relaxation at the touch of a button. The easy-to-use control panel activates the high performance bubble jets surrounding the interior of the spa for a refreshing massage. The heating system adjusts to fit your personal temperature preference allowing a stress-free spa experience. PureSpa™ provides simple maintenance with easy-to-replace filter cartridges for lasting enjoyment for up to 4 people.


Seating Capacity 4
Water Capacity 210gal/795L
Shape Round
Inner/Outer Size 57”/1.45m – 77”/1.96m
Height 28″/71cm