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GVS Swimming Pool Installations

poolSolid structure, flexible design

We build a Swimming Pool to last. High density concrete block walls are steel reinforced vertically and horizontally then rendered to a smooth finish. We lay a thick premix concrete base and then apply a smooth concrete screed. Attractive bull-nosed coping stones set off the edge of the Swimming Pool. The pool shell has stood the test of time by providing superior in ground strength and excellent resistance to outside ground pressure and inside water pressure. Once completed the G.V.S. Swimming  Pool shell is fully guaranteed.

Technical advantages:

  • Steel reinforced structure
  • Premix concrete base
  • Excellent in ground strength
  • Flexible design


Good water circulation and filtration are fundamental to a clean and welcoming pool. That is why we only install the highest specification, corrosion -resistant polymeric filters, with non-rusting, self-priming pumps to deliver maximum circulation with minimum maintenance.

Skimmers and inlets in your pool circulate the water to the filter through highly-durable, single section pipework. We avoid multiple underground jointing to eliminate potential leak sources.


We want you to spend more time using your pool and less time cleaning it, that is why every G.V.S. pool is supplied with a comprehensive chemical and maintenance pack and we offer a full range of automatic cleaning and dosing equipment and accessories that will make pool care easy.

The Conplas Lining

We use the highest quality, colour-fast, chemical-resistant, extra thick PVC, tailor-fitted on site by our skilled and experienced craftsmen. It fits the exact dimensions of the pool and is bonded to the structure at all internal angles, with purpose-made reinforcing that gives full protection against frost or shrinkage. A 150mm (6in.) PVC mosaic frieze around the top of the pool completes that touch of elegance. The whole system ensures water tightness and is fully guaranteed.

Technical advantages:

  • High elasticity and tear strength.
  • Resistance to ageing and rotting.
  • Resistance to ultra violet light.
  • High chemical resistance.
  • Resistance to algae penetration.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Unaffected by frost.
  • Totally leak proof system.
  • Renovation of old pools
  • The G.V.S. system is ideal for renovating many old and leaky pools. It is a comparatively low-cost operation that minimises lost bathing time and, once completed, carries the G.V.S. guarantee.

Roman Steps

Roman steps are a great way of adding a touch of luxury – and convenience – to your pool. You can rest at the pool edge, children can paddle and of course, they make getting in and out so much easier.


A cover is so much more than a way of keeping out leaves and other debris, it can save you as much as 50% on your pool heating bills. With a roller, covering the pool is effortless and we can supply automatic covers and safety covers too. (Additional information on request)

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