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Pool Lighting


lightingCertikin Concrete Light

For use in concrete, liner and concrete shuttered pools

Complete kits include wet niche, flexible conduit, sealed lamp housing with 300 watt 12 volt bulb

The niche is designed to angle the light beam down 5 degrees to eliminate pool side glare

Light units available in different cable lengths

Deck box with a double seal and Micallef cable gland in order to comply with IP65 protection rating

The transformer has a protection rating of IP65 with variable voltage output

Corrosion resistant front plate inserts now made of brass/nickel

Micallef style gland inside the niche prevents water entering the conduit

IP68 rated built-in gland on the light housing eliminating the need for hot melt compounds

Locating lugs and combi housing screws make bulb changing easier

Threaded conduit fitting on back of niche to ease installation

Clip on faceplate on liner light to cover unsightly screws

Easy to secure cover plates to finish concrete pool light

Click here to download the Certikin PDF

Hayward Liner Light

Astral LumiPlus LED BulbLumiPlusap_logo

Astral LumiPlus Led Bulb Available in white or RGB Colour change