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Bowman 5115-2S Heat Exchanger

Bowman 5115-2S Heat Exchanger



Bowman 5115-2S Heat Exchanger

Stainless Steel Core

Product Benefits

  • Energy saving Heats pools up to three times faster
  • Premium quality Designed specifically for swimming pools
  • Easy to install Solvent weld composite end covers on many models
  • Titanium models The ‘fit and forget’ solution with 10-year guarantee*
  • Simple to maintain Easily dissembled for routine cleaning

More efficient

Incorporating more heat transfer tubes than many of our competitors’ heat exchangers Bowman units will heat your pool more quickly, dramatically reducing your fuel costs.

Easy to maintain

Special  features enable the end covers and tube stack to be rermoved for cleaning purposes.

Easy to install

Most units come complete with imperial and metric solvent weld adaptors allowing for easy installation into pool pipework.

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