About GVS Swimming Pool Supplies Limited

For nearly half a century G.V.S. have designed and built swimming pools. It is a pedigree second to none in the UK, and your guarantee that you are getting the best expertise money can buy. We are a technical leader with a back-up service that you would expect from a company that has been established since 1956. In this brochure, you will find swimming pools typical of the hundreds we have installed, using the unique, proven system we developed in the 1970s.

It is a system that is simple, economical and, above all, totally reliable. We can offer a competitively priced total design-and-build service or, for those wishing to build their own swimming pool, all the materials and guidance you need.

You will probably only install a swimming pool once, so make sure it is the right choice. G.V.S., your guarantee of quality.