Bowman Heat Exchangers

Bowman Heat Exchangers

Bowman swimming pool heat exchangers are renowned for reliability and efficiency. Whether heating your pool with a traditional boiler or a renewable energy source, Bowman is the obvious choice.

When it comes to heat transfer solutions for your pool, Bowman delivers nothing less than optimum performance. Tens of thousands of our units are operating efficiently and reliably around the world, from spas and hot tubs to Olympic pools, in both commercial and domestic applications.

Whether your pool uses conventional heating or renewable energy, the unique design of Bowman heat exchangers will help you achieve faster heat-up times while reducing your energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions.

Salt Water – Stainless steel heat exchangers should not be used with salt water chlorinators or salt water pools.

Bowman Titanium units 10 year full guarantee on titanium material in contact with pool water.

All of the prices are vat inclusive and delivery to UK mainland. Outside UK delivery is on application as before.

If you need any assistance please call 01564 782438 or 01564 782804