Bowman EC100-5113-2 Heat Exchanger

Bowman EC100-5113-2 Heat Exchanger



The Bowman EC100-5113-2 is an extremely versatile heat exchanger which is suitable for use with both larger spas and hot tubs, or domestic swimming pools up to 90m  via a boiler heat source. It features ‘Universal Fit’ composite end covers, for easy installation into pool or spa pipework and a choice of either a titanium, cupro-nickel, or stainless steel tube core.

Typical Heat Transfer

Boiler heating – 50kW

Product Benefits

Proven – heats spas, hot tubs and swimming pools extremely fast, reducing energy costs
Easy to install – solvent weld end covers with thermostat pocket
Durability – strong, robust, shell and tube design
Simple to maintain – easy disassembly for routine maintenance
Titanium models – full 10 year warranty on titanium materials

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