Bowman EC160-5113-5 Heat Exchanger

Bowman EC160-5113-5 Heat Exchanger



The Bowman EC160-5113-5 is an efficient shell and tube swimming pool heat exchanger which is suitable for use with renewable energy heating systems such as heat pumps or solar collectors. It features ‘Universal Fit’ composite end covers, for easy installation into pool pipework and a choice of either a titanium, cupro-nickel, or stainless steel tube core.

Typical Heat Transfer

Renewable energy: 55kW

Product Benefits

Proven – heats pools faster, reducing energy costs
Easy to install – solvent weld end covers with thermostat pocket
Durability – strong, robust, shell and tube design
Simple to maintain – easy disassembly for routine maintenance
Titanium models – full 10 year warranty on titanium materials

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